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Xtensor.R is an R package wrapping the xtensor-r bindings to the xtensor C++ multi-dimensional array library.


From conda-forge

Xtensor.R is available on conda-forge, it can be installed with conda, mamba, and rhumba.

mamba install r-xtensor -c conda-forge


Xtensor.R is available on CRAN (The Comprehensive R Archive Network).


From the GitHub repository

Xtensor.R can be installed from GitHub directly using devtools

devtools::install_github("xtensor-stack/Xtensor.R", ref="package")

Packaging Xtensor.R

This section may be of interest to people working on packaging Xtensor.R for Linux distributions or other general-purpose packaging systems.

The Xtensor R package depends on the xtensor-r C++ header-only library.

The vendoring can be prevented by passing the --novendor option to the configure script, which can be passed to the R CMD INSTALL command in the following way:

R CMD INSTALL --build --configure-args='--novendor'


To get started with using Xtensor.R, check out the documentation at



xtensor-r depends on the xtensor and Rcpp libraries

Xtensor.R xtensor-r xtensor Rcpp
master ^0.14.2 ^0.24.4 ^1.0
0.14.1 ^0.14.2 ^0.24.4 ^1.0
0.14.0 ^0.14.0 ^0.24.0 ^1.0
0.13.2 ^0.13.0 ^0.23.0 ^1.0
0.13.1 ^0.13.0 ^0.23.0 ^1.0
0.13.0 ^0.13.0 ^0.23.0 ^1.0
0.12.1 ^0.12.1 ^0.21.4 ^1.0
0.12.0 ^0.12.0 ^0.21.2 ^1.0


We use a shared copyright model that enables all contributors to maintain the copyright on their contributions.

This software is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license. See the LICENSE file for details.