s2dverification 2.10.3 (Release date: 2022-04-20)

s2dverification 2.10.2 (Release date: 2022-04-04)

s2dverification 2.10.1 (Release date: 2022-02-22)

s2dverification 2.10.0 (Release date: 2021-06-15)

s2dverification 2.9.0 (Release date: 2020-10-30)

s2dverification 2.8.6 (Release date: 2019-10-17)

s2dverification 2.8.0 (Release date: 2017-02-13)

s2dverification 2.7.0 (Release date: 2016-08-24)

Enhanced PlotEquiMap() and PlotStereoMap() with lots of new options and fixed issues: - Colour bar with triangle ends and lots of new features. - Margins, labels, ticks, colour bar, titles now arranged properly. - Now possibile to adjust colour and border of continents, size, colour and type of contour lines, size of labels, ticks and margins, colour and width of boxes, etc. - Draw multiple superimposed dot/symbol layers. - Draw boxes in PlotStereoMap(). - PlotStereoMap() with bounding circle. - Add function PlotLayout() to automatically generate complex figure layouts and populate with plots from multi-dimensional arrays. - Fix and updated corrupted example scripts (required for new auto-ecearth releases to work). - Add function Subset() to easily take chunks of data arrays. - Fix bug in Load() under some particular configurations. - Enhance margins in PlotAno(). - Update sample data to be together with metadata as provided by Load(). - Update and fix in the BSC Load() configuration file.

s2dverification 2.6.0 (Release date: 2016-06-06)

s2dverification 2.5.0 (Release date: 2016-01-04)

s2dverification 2.4.7 (Release date: 2015-11-15)

Load() now returns plenty of metadata. Highlighted:
- Paths to all loaded files - Paths to not found files - Stamp with all the provided parameters to exactly reproduce any Load() call - The name of the common grid (if any), following CDO’s naming conventions

Other enhancements in Load(): - Enhance error handling and error messages - Add “progress bar” - Detect automatically grid of the files. No need to specify it - Detect automatically if the requested variable is 2-dimensional or global mean. No need to specify it - Possibility to load observations only, from a limited period of time only - Possibility to load NetCDF files with disordered dimensions - Remove system dependency of ‘s2dverification’ to NCO and some GNU tools - Simplify configuration file: removed lists of variables and reduced from 5 tables to 2, one for experimental datasets and one for observational datasets. You can convert old configuration files to the new format with the script in /shared/earth/software/scripts/convertConfig.R as follows: /shared/earth/software/scripts/convertConfig.R /path/to/configfile.conf - Fix and updated the sample script plot_timeseries.R - Fix wrong entries in BSC configuration file for some ice variables.

s2dverification 2.4.0 (Release date: 2015-07-27)

s2dverification 2.3.2 (Release date: 2015-04-23)

s2dverification 2.3.1 (Release date: 2015-03-09)

s2dverification 2.3.0 (Release date: 2015-03-02)

s2dverification 2.2.0 (Release date: 2014-12-16)

s2dverification 2.1.0 (Release date: 2014-01-23)

s2dverification 2.0.0 (Release date: 2013-08-02)