Build Status


This should automatically install the package from a CRAN mirror if you have one configured:


If R says the package is unavailable, you may not have set a CRAN mirror. You can do so with:


If R says that a binary package is not available, your version of R may be too old. Please review the versions of R that CRAN has built packages for on the CRAN ridigbio package page. You can download the source package and install manually if there is no package built for your version of R. You may also need to install any dependencies.

install.packages("ridigbio", type="source")

On Linux, you may encounter an error during the installation process if you do not have libcurl installed. The method for installing libcurl will vary between distributions, but on Ubuntu you can install the latest version via:

sudo apt install libcurl4

Basic usage

idig_search_records(rq=list(family="holothuriidae"), limit=1000)

Complete list of terms that can be used is available here