repana 1.23.2 Fix a bug if an output_file is included as parameter in the render_function

repana 1.23.1 Remove unused dependencies. Check that report is render only if pandoc is available. Test for render reports only if pandoc is available

repana 1.23.0 The confirm_libraries function has been removed. It was not really useful and potentially would not work well if many libraries are installed in the system. Messages on the make_structure are now messages and not calls to cat() function.

repana 1.22.0 Modification of the version to have three numbers, change author address to submit to CRAN. Modify license. Modify render_report to not delete the output file if the output directory is the same as the directory of the input file.

repana 1.21 Small correction in the template

repana 1.20 Modify templates. Now only 1 exists which is more friendly for pdf and html render and improve the search of Rscript to be windows friendly. DBI is declared as dependent and therefore it is loaded automatically with the package. Master spin is now by default html but a new parameters allow to select the type of render. Name of reports from rcode is now uniformly called spin instead of SPIN

repana 1.19 Modify opening template to have plyr before dplyr and load tidyverse

repana 1.18 Modify the templates to have one for the heading and one for the closing part of a SPIN

repana 1.17 a master_spin function to run the code as SPINs

repana 1.16 New RStudio addin to insert a Template documentation for a SPIN program

repana 1.15 Include a function to wrap the render of rmarkdown documents within a program

repana 1.14 Include a wrap to writeDataTable. Change as.character to deparse to find the name of the data.frame in update_table.

repana 1.12 Fix tests for the make_structure now creates 01_clean.R file

repana 1.11 - Include the get_dirs() function

repana 1.10 - update table now accept an argument for the name of the table

repana 1.9 - Fix get_con to use a different config.yml if needed

Version 1.8

Version 1.7 - change the gitignore entry in config.yml to clean_before_new_analysis which is more explanatory for non git users. This entry is not back compatible any more with the previous config.yml

Version 1.6

Version 1.5

Version 1.5

Version 1.4

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0