networkDynamic: Dynamic Extensions for Network Objects

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networkDynamic is a network data management package that provides tools to import, transform and extract relational data with timing information from various data structures (matrices, spell lists, toggles, etc). The software manages temporal information for both vertices and edges, including presence/absence (which allows for changes in network size) and discrete or continuous attributes. Both directed and undirected networks are supported.

This package is a part of the Statnet suite of packages for network analysis, so it is designed to work seamlessly with all of the packages in that suite. networkDynamic extends the capability of Statnet’s network package to handle temporal information, and it is the data management foundation used by the higher level packages: * tsna Exploratory data analysis and summary statistics for temporal networks * ndtv Temporal network graphics and animation * tergm Statistical analysis and simulation of temporal networks with TERGMs * ergmgp Modeling continuous time graph processes with ERGM equilibria * EpiModel Epidemic modeling on dynamic networks

Docs and Examples

networkDynamic package vignette reference manual

Tutorials on using networkDynamic in data analysis workflows include the Statnet workshops Temporal network tools in statnet: networkDynamic, ndtv and tsna Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models (TERGMs) for dynamic networks

Self-guided training materials for all of the Statnet packages can be found on the statnet workshop page . For EpiModel please see the EpiModel organization site

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This software is distributed under the GPL-3 license. It is free, open source, and has the attribution requirements (GPL Section 7) at

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Butts C, Leslie-Cook A, Krivitsky P, Bender-deMoll S (2023). networkDynamic: Dynamic Extensions for Network Objects. R package version 0.11.3,

This work was supported by grant R01HD68395 from the National Institute of Health.

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